My name is Solomon. I’ve been having psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudience, and precognitive dreams as a young and growing medium. These powerful experiences have happened much of my life but I was unaware as to what the purpose was. Through the years, my mission has become clearer and giving readings to those around the world is part of a grander purpose in my life. I am here to start sharing the blessings I’ve been given by the Universe to heal others by stepping into their world and sending love because I have come to find out that Solomon heals and I’m hoping I can bring some healing and clarity your way. Love and Light.




Audio/Tarot or phone calls will most likely take up to 1 to 3 Business days (24 - 72 Hours). Please allow for that time slot but your reading will get to you as soon as it’s uploaded or a time to chat via phone will be scheduled depending on your purchase. I will make sure to respond to your messages as soon as I can during normal business hours.


You’d choose an option

Make the payment 

Input your name(s), zodiac sign(s) for you and the other parties involved (if there is no one else, that’s fine) If your time zone is different from Eastern Standard time, please provide your city and state. Feel free to share some of your significant situation if you’re dealing with an X, have children, if your partner may be dealing with an X that you know of or has children, if you work or not etc .. those little tidbits help clarify things and let’s me know where to focus the energy and share what spirit would have me highlight.


Monday - Friday 10am - 2pm EST

Closed Saturday and Sunday unless overtime is being worked. If you choose a phone reading, I will be available during the times of 10am-2pm EST weekdays only so if you are not able to receive a call during that time, a video recording would be best. 


Acceptable Questions:

If your question(s) differ from the approved list, you must email me prior to your payment for approval. 

The potential of a relationship between you and someone else?  

What may be blocking progress with the relationship? 

What does the Universe want me to focus on at this time?

Is it best to explore other options in love? 

What are the energies I may face this week? 

How should I approach my relationship or Marriage at this time? 

What might be an intention of theirs towards me?

Unacceptable Questions:

What is someone thinking about me?

Is this person lying or misleading me?

Was so and so messing around with one another in the past?

Will I get a new Car?

Will I get married? 

Will I get approved for a loan, a home or accepted at this job?

When will so and so start communicating with me?

What date will we start our relationship?

Will I get a raise at my job?

Family, friends, work place or financial questions are unacceptable. 


Both Phone or Audio/Tarot Options are the same price so you can click the button for phone or video and you should be taken to PayPal where you'll either have to sign in, create an account or click the button to Pay with Debit or Credit card.

Please try to choose your option correctly on the first attempt as there are fees if you have to change an option and add funds. (Just a heads up) 

Video or Phone Readings will have at least 3 or more Tarot Cards pulled (per) question along with 1 or more Romance Angels Oracle card for guidance. 


1 question answered via a mini private/unlisted video uploaded to YouTube for 30 day access


2 question answered via a mini private/unlisted video uploaded to YouTube for 30 day access


3 question answered via a mini private/unlisted video uploaded to YouTube for 30 day access


4 question answered via a mini private/unlisted video uploaded to YouTube for 30 day access

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